Tour MAP Training Facility

Tour MAP Training Facility

Welcome to MAP(Megan Ashley Pierce) Training Facility-

Take your Fitness from Suck to Sick.
Through a Cloud of Chalk and the Midst of Pain.
Where the Big Iron Rides High, and Threatens Lives.
Where the Noise is Made with Big Forty-Fives.
Where the Big Weights Drop.
Where the Music Blares loud from the Gym Speakers.
Most Will Go Their Entire Life, and Never Understand This Feeling. 

We are a 24-Hour Access Gym in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We offer a wide variety of Training Methods here at MAP. We also offer Group Fitness Classes & One on One Personal Training. Tour our Website for all Membership/Group Class and Training Method Information. MAP Training Facility- We Live & Breathe HAMMER STRENGTH EQUIPMENT.
This is only the start of the MAP Expansion. I will continue to expand, grow and improve my training facility everyday to make sure its the best training facility that fits your Health & Fitness needs.

More Info-Email: 

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