Personal Trainer: Megan Ashley Pierce

Owner/Fitness Manager/Out-Reach Program

Specialized: Weight Loss/Strength & Conditioning/TRX/Group Fitness/Sports Performance

One on One Training—Small Group Training—In Home Training—Walk In Training—Celebrity Training



Contact Info:

Cell #: 218-791-5761

Email: megan@map-fitness.com

Instagram: @mapfit

Twitter:  @mapfit

SnapChat: @mapfit


NETA Certified Personal Trainer



HIIT & Tabata






Fitness Background:  

My entire life I was a  very active kid and played sports all through school.  I was still over weight.  I had poor nutrition habits growing up and into high school.  My senior year of High School, I joined Jenny Craig and instantly dropped 65lbs by learning nutrition.  From there I went to college started working out with a personal trainer.  I immediately became hooked, because of the quick amazing results that I was seeing from working with a personal trainer.  I would have never got those results on my own.  Throughout those years I learned everything I could from my trainers and decided to become a Personal Trainer.  I was hired the week after I got certified.  Right away branded myself as MAP Fitness(Megan Ashley Pierce Fitness) and just promoted myself to gain clients and a following.  I do alot of training in LA and Arizona with celebrity trainers and their clients.  They keep me up to date on the latest fitness, which then I incorporate into my gym in Grand Forks.  I have had an incredible experience so far as a trainer that most dont experience.


My Fitness Routine:

I focus alot on Change.  Every month I make sure to change up something within my routine.  For example: One month ill focus on Insanity as my cardio & dumbbells for my strength.  Next month I will use TRX for strength & running for my cardio.  This is been the best shape ive ever been in my entire life.  And it was because of the change up in my workouts.  


Who are my Role Models:

I have always looked up to Jillian Michaels & Shaun T.  The first day I became a Personal Trainer my dad told me to pick the top 3 people in my industry and be exactly like them with my own unique twists.  So I picked Jillian Michaels Personality and Hard Ass Training, Shaun T’s love for High Intensity Workouts and Trainer Chris Langei’s Sports Performance and creativity within creating a workout, she was the one who taught me that lifting heavy is the only way to lift! 


What Inspires Me:

No secret here, my results are my top inspiration.  My own progress towards my goals is what keeps me going day in and day out.  


My Favorite Meal:

Wow! I love any kind of meat with a healthy carb.  But seriously I have a sweet addiction so the second I can get my hands on a Herbalife 24 Chocolate Mint shake, that makes my day!!!


Why should someone train with me One-on-One:

I am very good with connecting with people personally.  I use this time alot to kick your ass, but yet get to know you, this helps me lead you in to a positive and successful future.  I feel that the more you know your clients on a personal level the more they will be honest with you and hope they see me as someone they can reach out to for help.  I want to be the one that can give that to them when they are at MAP Training. 


Why should someone join my Group Exercise Classes:

My group classes are so fun! I use my personality alot to connect with my class.  There is alot of yelling, pushing, and getting in your face.  So if you love the “love/hate” relationship, this would be in.  I teach my classes to be a support system for one another too.  You will never finish a workout alone.   The energy is always high and positive at MAP Fitness.


What makes me different than other Personal Trainers:

I was raised by some of the top Personal Trainers in the country.  Not every trainer gets asked to travel to California a few times a year to be training by the top trainers and to learn the new ways of fitness.  I am also a very tough trainer. Its how I train myself, and it’s how I want to train others.  You hire a trainer to push you and teach you.  I will give you that every single workout, nothing less. 


My favorite Quote:

“Believe in what you cannot yet see.” 

“Believe in you.” 


“Words(create)Pictures(create)Feelings(create)Actions(create)=Success”- Personal Trainer Chris Langei


What would be your advice to someone who is losing motivation and not seeing results?

My advice would be to hire a personal trainer for awhile, see the results you get from learning the correct form and technique.  Learn new ways of training.  Most people get bored in workouts, its a trainers job to keep you interested.  What I like most about my private gym vs a box gym is the the friendship you build within a smaller gym.  It’s a whole different experience than any big box gym.  The private gyms are the places that push you past your comfort zone as well. I think everyone should try a private gym to see if that something they like!




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